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Being a boutique hotel, Damsels Hanoi Boutique Hotel was designed to reflect the pure and elegant beauty of Hanoi’s Ladies, to allow the tourists to indulge in the comforts and luxuries of traditional Vietnamese culture as it interacts with the classical taste of the culture of Indochina style.
At this hotel, the tourists are treated as if they were the owners. All services for them are offered with intimate care. They will enjoy their free À la carte breakfast; they may request free companionship while shopping, walk around the old quarters, admire historic relics, or go sightseeing. They can take free culinary courses of the well-know Vietnamese dishes, such as “Pho”, “Bun Cha”, “Nem nuong”. The service they get will be, indeed, unique.
The hotel enjoys the wonderful location in the heart of the Old Quarter, only three minutes’ wall from Sword Lake, so convenient for shopping, exploring Hanoi, or getting access to all place in Vietnam, as well as other countries in the world. All rooms of the hotel open onto the Old Quarter. Most special is “Reaching” restaurant on floor 12 and Top Bar on the top floor, from where tourists can enjoy a panorama of the whole city of Hanoi. Sword Lake, Tortoise Tower, all city streets seem to be under our feet.
Stay at Damsels Hanoi Boutique Hotel, tourists will be connected with the particular natural sceneries, residents, traditional culture, historical background of Hanoi, as well as the whole nation of Vietnam.